Floor 1, Room 13 (Roman & Late Antique Period)

Last room on this floor, 13 which is the Roman & Antique Period.

Turin Nov 2015 1162 Turin Nov 2015 1169 Turin Nov 2015 1181

Rome’s conquest of Egypt in 30BC deprived the country of it’s independence. The Emporer Octavian ruled by installing a prefect who was under the direct authority of the Senate.

Egypt was a strategic economic resource being the major supplier of grain, textiles, gold and glass. The Romans imposed their own laws and coinage and the country worshipped Greek-Roman Gods, however, the cults of the Egyptian gods and traditional funerary beliefs still endured.

Turin Nov 2015 1185

To the right is a Portrait of a man wearing a tunic, Roman in style with two purple bands.

(Encaustic painting on wood, Mid 2nd Century AD)

Below is the burial of the child Petamenophis, who belonged to a rich family. His rectangular coffin is made of cedar wood with four corner posts and the image of the goddess Nut has been painted on the bottom to symbolise immortality and divinization.

Turin Nov 2015 1189 Turin Nov 2015 1188 Turin Nov 2015 1187Roman Period AD123

The mummy is wrapped in several layers of bandages, some red and intertwined to form a Rhomb pattern. Around the head is a gilded laurel leafed wreath.

Turin Nov 2015 1191 Turin Nov 2015 1190

Above is a womans mask.

Made of Gilded cartonnage, Roman Period (2nd Century AD) Fayum, Hawara

The spread of syncretistic gods emerged and temples dedicated to them sprung up all over the Roman Empire.

Turin Nov 2015 1163 Turin Nov 2015 1164 Turin Nov 2015 1165 Turin Nov 2015 1166 Turin Nov 2015 1167 Turin Nov 2015 1168 Turin Nov 2015 1170 Turin Nov 2015 1171 Turin Nov 2015 1172 Turin Nov 2015 1174 Turin Nov 2015 1175 Turin Nov 2015 1176 Turin Nov 2015 1177 Turin Nov 2015 1178 Turin Nov 2015 1179 Turin Nov 2015 1180 Turin Nov 2015 1182 Turin Nov 2015 1183Turin Nov 2015 1184 Turin Nov 2015 1186


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