Floor 2, Room 3 (Tomb of Iti & Neferu)

Moving from Room 2 you enter Room 3.

The Tomb of Iti and Neferu

Turin Nov 2015 215 Turin Nov 2015 216Turin Nov 2015 266

This tomb was discovered in Gebelein near Luxor (Thebes) and is an example of a First Intermediate Period burial (2118 – 1980BC).

The tomb was partly cut into rock with mud brick walls and vaults. The facade of the tomb had 16 columns looking over a courtyard sloping towards the valley. There were 11 rooms, 10 of equal size were used for grave goods but the eleventh and middle one, was larger and was decorated as the cult chapel of the owners.

The Wall Paintings 

As the debris was removed fabulous tomb paintings were revealed. These tempera paintings were on a crude mud and straw plaster and were of typical Old Kingdom tombs showing ritual offering scenes and lively farming scenes.

Turin Nov 2015 239 Turin Nov 2015 240 Turin Nov 2015 241 Turin Nov 2015 242 Turin Nov 2015 243 Turin Nov 2015 244   Turin Nov 2015 247 Turin Nov 2015 248Turin Nov 2015 245Turin Nov 2015 246 Turin Nov 2015 249 Turin Nov 2015 250 Turin Nov 2015 255Turin Nov 2015 256 Turin Nov 2015 257 Turin Nov 2015 258 Turin Nov 2015 259 Turin Nov 2015 260 Turin Nov 2015 261 Turin Nov 2015 262 Turin Nov 2015 263 Turin Nov 2015 264 Turin Nov 2015 265

The Funerary Stela of Iti and Neferu

Found on the floor of the tomb, this Stela says Iti was “Chief of Troops” and “Treasurer to the King”. It also names Iti’s wife Neferu whose intact burial was in room 10 of the tomb.


Amongst Neferu’s grave goods were a small toothed spatula of ivory, a bronze mirror with a wooden handle and dozens of blue faience beads. Other goods included pottery, clay vases and an alabaster glass shaped unguent container and six seashells.

Turin Nov 2015 251 Turin Nov 2015 252 Turin Nov 2015 253 Turin Nov 2015 254


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