Ground Floor, Room 15 (The Nubian Room)

The final room is the Nubian room, which outlines the history of the principal cultures that arose in Nubia (now Northern Sudan).

Turin Nov 2015 1258There are many testimonies of the influence of Sudanese cultures on those of Upper Egypt especially in places where commercial and military contracts were more intense.

Nubia was a gateway to central Africa with it’s riches. The first archaeological investigations in Nubia illustrated Nubian history as a succession of cultures.


It also highlighted the ongoing processes of disemination and evolution of local cultures, stimulated by internal and external migrations.

Right, Sandstone Statue of a Pharoah, holding a nubian by the hair who has been bitten by a lion. New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty (1190 – 1076BC).Turin Nov 2015 1263

Egyptian expansion during the New Kingdom led to the fall and definitive annexation of Kerma to Egypt. The Viceroy of Kush (Sudan) was henceforth appointed by the Pharoahs to rule the region.

The Kingdoms of Napata and Meroe

During the Third Intermediate period , King Piy (751BC) took advantage of the new state that had sprung up in Nubia with its capital Napata, and conquered Egypt founding the 25th Dynasty.

Turin Nov 2015 1275Left is a Quartzite Sphinx of a Nubian King, Late period, 25th Dynasty (722 – 655BC).

The Royal iconography endured even after the end of the Kushite rule in Egypt in the 4th Century BC, the capital of the Sudanese Kingdom was moved to Meroe.

Turin Nov 2015 1269 Turin Nov 2015 1270 Turin Nov 2015 1271 Turin Nov 2015 1272 Turin Nov 2015 1273 Turin Nov 2015 1274 Turin Nov 2015 1276 Turin Nov 2015 1277 Turin Nov 2015 1278 Turin Nov 2015 1279 Turin Nov 2015 1280

Turin Nov 2015 1262  Turin Nov 2015 1266 Turin Nov 2015 1267 Turin Nov 2015 1268Turin Nov 2015 1264Turin Nov 2015 1265

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