The Museo Egizio – Turin. Floor -1

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The Museo Egizio is a museum in Turin, Italy, specialising in Egyptian archaeology and anthropology. It houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities with more than 30,000 artefacts. (around 6000 on display)

Turin Nov 2015 060 Turin Nov 2015 061 Turin Nov 2015 062

The Museum as we know it today began in the 17th century with the first antiquities acquired by the House of Savoy. Then with the purchase of the Drovetti collection in 1824 the museum was created.

Turin Nov 2015 104a (1) Turin Nov 2015 104a (3) Turin Nov 2015 104a (4) Turin Nov 2015 108

Floor -1

As you go down the escalator you reach floor -1, which houses the ticket office, shop and toilets/cloakroom.

Turin Nov 2015 110 Turin Nov 2015 111 Turin Nov 2015 112

From here you enter the visitor pathway, a well signposted route through the museum.

  1. The History of the Museo Egizio

Turin Nov 2015 113Turin Nov 2015 114Turin Nov 2015 115a

Within this room are statues of the Goddess Isis, Grandiorite, 18th Dynasty of Amenhotep III (1390 – 1353BC) Coptos C.694

Turin Nov 2015 115

“The Couple” a statue from the 4th – 6th Dynasty Mastaba Tomb (2543 – 2118BC) Gizeh, Egypt,

Turin Nov 2015 113a

Cyperus Papyrus “Book of the Dead of Iuefankh” Ptolemaic Period (332 – 30BC) C.1791

Turin Nov 2015 116Turin Nov 2015 118 Turin Nov 2015 119 Turin Nov 2015 120 Turin Nov 2015 121 Turin Nov 2015 122 Turin Nov 2015 123 Turin Nov 2015 124 Turin Nov 2015 125 Turin Nov 2015 126

and the Royal Canon or Turin Kings List. New Kingdom 19th Dynasty (1292 – 1190BC) C.1874

Turin Nov 2015 113aa

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